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Discovering the treasures of Antalya: Places to Discover near Ata Zeytincilik

With Ata Zeytincilik, your holiday promises tranquillity, delicious olive oil tasting and the opportunity to relieve all your tiredness. Beyond the tranquillity of its location, a treasure trove of experiences awaits you in the surrounding areas of Döşemealtı and Kepez. Here is a guide that will reveal some hidden beauties that will make your Antalya adventure unforgettable, and don't forget to taste the olive oils made by Ata Zeytincilik from its own grown olives!

Paradise for a Nature Lover:

The heart of Antalya beats with the rhythm of nature and the areas surrounding Ata Zeytincilik offer a symphony of landscape symphonies to be explored.

Güver Canyon: A hidden treasure in Antalya

Located in the middle of magnificent natural beauties, Guver Canyon offers an exciting adventure for nature lovers. As you cross the canyon, you will be greeted by awe-inspiring rock formations, crystal clear streams and lush vegetation. Whether you are hiking, canyoning or simply immersing yourself in the serene surroundings, Güver Canyon promises an exciting and rejuvenating experience.

Güver Canyon is a hidden gem of Antalya, attracting those looking for a unique and off-the-beaten-track adventure. Nestled in the Taurus Mountains, the canyon provides a stunning setting for your discovery. As you make your way through the canyon, you will encounter impressive cliffs, narrow gorges and natural pools. The crystal clear waters flowing through the canyon are perfect for canyoning, an exciting activity that involves navigating water-filled gorges and descending waterfalls.

overlook on güver canyon in sunset

Apart from canyoning, Güver Canyon offers many opportunities for hiking and exploring. The various trails along the canyon allow you to discover its hidden treasures at your own pace. As you hike, don't forget to check out the diverse flora and fauna that call this canyon home. From wildflowers to rare bird species, Güver Canyon is a paradise for nature lovers.

To fully appreciate the beauty of Güver Canyon, consider joining a guided tour. Experienced guides will lead you through the canyon, ensuring your safety and providing valuable information about the geological wonders and history of the area. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a nature enthusiast, Güver Canyon is a must-visit destination in Antalya.

Upper düden waterfall top view

Let's Explore Upper Düden Waterfall:

Escape the sun of Antalya and discover the Upper Duden Waterfall, a hidden paradise amongst the countryside, just 10 kilometres from the city centre. Spilling down a 20-metre cliff, the waterfall creates a stunning landscape with its powerful flow and refreshing mist. Stroll through Düden Park, following the cascading water along natural walkways and enjoy the tranquillity. Take a break under the shady trees in the picnic areas or explore the network of caves behind the waterfall for a glimpse of the natural wonders of the region. With its easy accessibility and fascinating beauty, Upper Duden Waterfall offers a refreshing escape for nature lovers and a welcome change from the busy and harassing streets of Antalya.

The marvellous beauty of Kursunlu Waterfall

Immerse yourself in the peacefulness of Kursunlu Waterfall, set in a spectacular nature park. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll along winding paths surrounded by lush greenery and diverse wildlife. The waterfall itself is a sight to behold with its multi-tiered cascade spilling into a sparkling pool. Be sure to take a moment to breathe in the serenity and natural splendour of this hidden gem.

Kursunlu waterfall frontview

Kurşunlu Waterfall is located in Kurşunlu Nature Park, about 20 kilometres from Antalya city centre. The park is a paradise for nature lovers with its dense forests, curvy paths and abundant wildlife. As you head towards the waterfall, you will be greeted by the chirping of birds and the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze.

The waterfall is the centrepiece of Kursunlu Nature Park and is a sight to marvel at. As the water cascades down the rocks, it creates a fascinating display of natural beauty. The multi-layered cascade adds to the attraction as each layer offers a different perspective of the waterfall. You can take time to explore the area surrounding the waterfall, where there are various viewpoints offering stunning views.

In addition to the waterfall, Kursunlu Nature Park is home to a range of flora and fauna. You may encounter squirrels, turtles and even the occasional wild boar as you explore the park's trails. The park is also a haven for bird species and a paradise for birdwatchers. Keep your eyes peeled for colourful kingfishers, graceful herons and majestic eagles as you wander through the park.

We Bring Historical Riches to Light:

Antalya has a rich historical treasure trove and the areas surrounding Ata Zeytincilik harbour the remains of past eras waiting to be discovered.

interior view of karain cave

Karain Cave:

Deep in the Taurus Mountains of Antalya lies the Karain Cave, a treasure that whispers the secrets of humanity's epic journey. It has provided shelter for a mind-boggling 250,000 years and witnessed the rise and fall of civilisations. It is a cave where Palaeolithic tool craftsmen left their traces, Neolithic settlements flourished and later signs that it was used as a sacred site. When you climb the steps and enter the cool embrace of the cave, you will feel the burden of history. You can explore the cave's chambers, browse the archaeological finds at the nearby Karain Museum and let your imagination paint a picture of life here over thousands of years.

güllük mountain termessos national park

Güllük Mountain Termessos National Park:

Located in the Taurus Mountains of Antalya, Gulluk Mountain Termessos National Park offers a stunning blend of history and nature. Hike through fragrant Mediterranean forests teeming with rare wildlife and explore the ancient city of Termessos, nestled dramatically on the mountainside. Known for its fierce independence, Termessos boasts well-preserved Hellenistic and Roman ruins, including a theatre, agora and high walls. Discover its secrets, soak up the breathtaking mountain views and experience a place where nature and history collide.

gate of the ancient city of ariassos

Ancient city of Ariassos:

Travel back in time in Ariassos, an ancient city located in the middle of the Taurus Mountains of Antalya. Founded by the Etruscans 3,000 years ago, the city developed as a trading centre controlling a strategic pass. You must climb a steep slope to reach the ruins, which contain remains from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. You can explore the theatre, temples and intricate rock tombs, the remains of a once vibrant civilisation. Here you can imagine the merchants and travellers whose paths crossed and admire the panoramic view across the plains of Antalya. Time has worn Ariassos down, but its legacy as a vital link in Anatolian history lives on.

A Family Fun Adventure:

Antalya appeals to all types of travellers and families with children are no exception. Here are some exciting options to create lasting memories with your loved ones:


aqualand antalya

Let yourself be entertained at Aqualand, a water park full of thrilling slides, relaxing pools and exciting activities. Aqualand offers something for everyone, from heart-pumping slides like ‘Kamikaze’ to placid rivers that are perfect for a leisurely swim. Challenge the family to a race down a twisting waterslide or just relax and soak up the sun by the pool. Make unforgettable memories full of laughter and squeals of delight at Aqualand, a water park paradise in Belek, close to Kepez.

Antalya Zoo:

Escape the noise of the city and let yourself immerse yourself in the wonders of wildlife at Antalya Zoo. Spread over an area of 400 acres in the middle of natural picnic areas, this zoo is not just cages. Dedicated to conservation and education, the zoo provides spacious enclosures for animals to roam and thrive. From majestic lions and playful monkeys to reptiles and soaring birds, be sure to take a look at the diverse range of animals. Learn about the animals' habitats and the zoo's efforts to protect endangered species. Have a picnic, explore the themed gardens and enjoy a fun-filled day connecting with the natural world within easy reach of Antalya city centre. You can picnic, explore themed gardens and enjoy a fun-filled day connecting with the natural world within easy reach of Antalya city centre.

Gourmet Delights:

Antalya's specialised piyaz

Don't forget to delight your taste buds with the culinary culture of Antalya! From fresh seafood caught daily to local specialities such as ‘piyaz’ (white bean salad) and ‘döner’, enjoy a delicious exploration of Turkish cuisine. Visit local restaurants or lively farmers' markets to taste the freshest ingredients and traditional dishes.

ata zeytincilik olive oils with traditional dishes

A Taste of Home You Can Take With You:

While exploring the wonders surrounding Ata Zeytincilik, don't forget to stock up on their delicious olive oil and olives! Ata Zeytincilik's products, produced using the freshest olives grown on its own land and modern methods, are the perfect way to bring the flavour of Antalya to your home. Imagine pouring superior extra virgin olive oil over salads, fresh bread or grilled vegetables, or enjoying a handful of hearty, flavourful olives as a healthy snack. Ata Zeytincilik's olive oil and olives are more than a gift; they are a testament to the region's rich heritage and commitment to quality.

This is just the starting point for your Antalya adventure. With fascinating natural beauty, rich history and exciting activities, Döşemealtı and Kepez regions of Antalya offer something for everyone. So, pack your bags, catch the spirit of discovery and create lasting memories near Ata Zeytincilik, all the while savouring their exceptional olive oil and olives!


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