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Ata Zeytincilik

From the Ancient Mystique to Exquisite Taste

Ata Zeytincilik is a small family business dedicated to producing the best organic olives and olive oil in the region. Since 2016, we have been producing cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and organic olives with natural and modern methods from our olives grown near the ancient cities of Termessos and Lyrboton Kome in the Pamphylian plain in Antalya, famous for its olive oil history. Our hand-picked olives are pressed as soon as possible to produce olive oils with low acidity and high polyphenol content.

We collect our olives from our farm, which includes a total of 2200 olive trees that we carefully protect on 65,000 square meters of land, ensuring that the olive oil and olives are of the highest quality. Although we are a small business, we are passionate about what we do. We are proud that our olives and olive oil are produced with care and dedication.

Check out our exquisite range from rare early harvest olive oils to durable, late season olive oils. Discover our delicious options for your culinary pursuits with our green and black olive product range that will cheer up your tables and enjoy the pure, unadulterated taste of Ata Zeytincilik extra virgin olive oil.





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