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Ata Zeytincilik: Boutique Olive Oil Producer Blending Tradition and Innovation: Located in Antalya, in the Pamphylian plain, historically famous for olive oil production, close to the fascinating Lyrboton Kome and Termessos, Ata Zeytincilik is a family-run olive oil producer with generations of experience. Their commitment to quality is emphasised at every step, from meticulously tended olive groves to modern pressing techniques.
Tradition Meets Innovation: Ata Zeytincilik seamlessly blends timeless practices with modern developments. Their deep connection to the land and olive trees underlines their unwavering commitment to producing the best olive oil.
Enjoy the mesmerising atmosphere of ancient cities: Imagine olive groves nestled under the Mediterranean sun, on the breathtaking Pamphylian plain and within the view of the Taurus Mountains. Ata Zeytincilik cultivates these trees meticulously, creating the opportunity for ideal health and vibrant growth under the Mediterranean sun.
Hand Picked Perfection: For Ata Zeytincilik, harvesting is not just a task, it is an art. Only perfectly ripe olives are hand-picked at their peak and transformed into exquisite oils. This meticulous work guarantees exceptional flavour and nutritional content.
Modern Facility, Perfect Pressing: Quickly transported to state-of-the-art facilities, the olives undergo a gentle pressing process that preserves their delicate flavours and aromas. Advanced machinery ensures the highest quality without compromising the spirit of tradition.
Unshakable Commitment to Quality: Quality is the cornerstone of Ata Zeytincilik. Rigorous quality control measures permeate every step from the grove to the bottle. Strict testing protocols ensure that their oils pass the highest industry standards.
A Symphony of Flavour: Each Ata Zeytincilik olive oil has a unique flavour potential. Extra virgin olive oils are tantalising with a harmonious blend of fruity aromas, a hint of peppery pungency and a pleasantly fragrant finish.
Sustainability is woven into its fabric: Ata Zeytincilik advocates sustainability beyond exceptional olive oil. Using practices that protect soil health, conserve water and promote biodiversity, it leaves a lasting positive impact on the environment.
Supporting the Community: Ata Zeytincilik's commitment extends beyond its groves. It creates employment opportunities and supports regional development initiatives, empowering the local community and fostering a synergistic relationship.
Discover the Essence of Olive Oil with Ata Zeytincilik: For those seeking a unique olive oil experience rooted in tradition, innovation and a deep respect for the environment, Ata Zeytincilik is calling you. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient cities, experience a feast of flavour and discover the true nature of olive oil.

elle toplanan yeşil zeytinler kontrol ediliyor

who are we

Mehmet Mücahit Şahin one of the founder of Ata Zeytincilik

Mehmet Mucahit Sahin

Mehmet Mücahit Şahin, a civil engineer, has worked in many upper levels of the state (assistant undersecretary, Regional Director of Highways).
Aiming at quality work and production, Ata Olive Farm, established on 65 decares, opened in 2017 with his wife, Hediye Şahin.  

Hediye Şahin one of the founder of Ata Zeytincilik

Hediye Şahin

Hediye Şahin, who is a classroom teacher, has had the opportunity to practice her previous olive cultivation training with Ata Zeytincilik, which she opened with her husband. She gives priority to customer satisfaction and has the olives collected carefully.

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